Valipat and Envoy were built in 2008, by and for IP attorneys. In 2016, Valipat and Envoy merged to create Delegate, a new group brand with a shared vision.

Our people make us who we are

With 150+ employees, including four in‑house IP attorneys, 70+ paralegals and a vast array of specialist support staff, no team is better placed to understand your IP needs.

We are a team of planners and makers. We help global brands succeed. We have a can‑do attitude backed up by many years’ experience. We deliver precise IP administrative solutions, on time and cost effectively. Our talented and experienced team deliver amazing results. And we love it.

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We’re led by a team of qualified patent attorneys who bring a wealth of professional expertise, not only in IP but across a wide range of business sectors.

This is the foundation of our innovative approach to IP support services. Our breadth of experience means we can always advise on the best IP administrative solutions for your brand.

Patrice Durand

Chief Executive Officer, Valipat and Chief Executive Officer, Delegate

Our consummate leader is a qualified French and European patent attorney. He enjoyed over 10 years' experience as a private prosecution and litigation practitioner with Parisian IP firm, Cabinet Bloch (now Gevers France). He also has a Masters’ degree from the French engineering school Ecole Centrale de Paris and is a CEIPI graduate.

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David Kennedy

Chief Executive Officer, Envoy and Chairman, Delegate

David is the founder of Envoy International, establishing it as a leading competitor within the annuities and renewals service sector. He is a chartered British and registered European patent attorney as well as a registered European and UK trade mark attorney. David also holds a degree in mechanical engineering.

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Olivier Gérardin

Chief Information Officer

Olivier is an expert in cloud‑based businesses. He brings experience in digital business models, product definition, organisation, marketing, communication and information systems. Before joining Valipat, he led internet projects for major telecom, transportation, utility and energy companies. He also has a degree in IT engineering and project management.

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Yannick Biron

Chief Product Officer

A French and European patent attorney, Yannick is also a qualified Lean Six Sigma expert. He challenges the company’s quality control and process optimisation. He has vast experience in patent‑related fields and more than ten years' experience in risk mitigation and change management for Airbus and Safran Group's IP organisations.

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Loïc Depelley

Chief Operations Officer

Loïc is a French and European patent attorney with a portfolio of experience in IP management. He was a partner at Cabinet Hirsch‑Pochart, an IP firm in Paris, for over 12 years. He is also a lecturer at the Ecole Centrale and a tutor for European patent attorney trainees as part of the EPI/CEIPI program.

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Régis de Boisé

Chief Finance Officer

Régis oversees all our finance, tax and corporate business. He began his career in the banking and private equity industry before moving to Aerocan as chief financial officer. He also has entrepreneurial experience as founder of legal tech start‑up, LeBonBail.

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