European patent validations

(for EP attorneys)

Validating a European patent can be risky, costly and time consuming, with limited resources often adding to the pressure of the process.

When you arrange your European patent validations through Valipat and Envoy, you can expect:

  • Guaranteed quotes, fixed for 28 days with a 30‑50% saving on costs
  • Accurate and pre‑filled Power of Attorney forms
  • Peace of mind—thanks to a first‑class customer care support team
  • Guaranteed quality and high security

Our solution

A streamlined process powered by a user‑friendly, secured and efficient web platform.

  • Complete jurisdictional coverage: access all European Patent Convention (EPC) member states, extension states and new validation countries in just a few clicks
  • Real time follow up: track your case in real time at all stages of the process
  • Ready‑to‑be‑signed Power of Attorney forms: a harmonised and bilingual format simplifies the approval process
  • Instant guaranteed online quote: obtain single currency automated quotes that cover all relevant costs and are optimised by using the same translations in relevant jurisdictions
  • Easy to use online platform: 24/7 accessibility and simple integration with your existing IP management system
  • Formal quality check: translations and filing receipts are checked for accuracy

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