We provide structured, secure and effective IP administrative services, and always make sure you are in control of the costs.

Our pricing philosophy is simple. We offer complete cost transparency and the volume of cases we process enable us to offer economies of scale for your benefit. This is reflected in our quotes, which we fix in advance and guarantee for a set length of time, depending on the service you choose.

When you arrange your IP administrative services through Valipat and Envoy, you can expect:

  • Clear, simple and predictable pricing
  • Instant and guaranteed online quotes
  • Invoices that reflect our quotes, with no hidden costs
  • No lengthy contracts, meaning you are always in control. Simply pay as you go

How we calculate our costs

Our pricing philosophy translates into three core costs; official fees, service fees and translation fees (not applicable to IP recordals and IP renewals).

  • Official fees: calculated accurately by our web platform, and invoiced to you with no mark-up
  • Service fees: Valipat and Envoy fees that are charged to cover the whole process
  • Translation fees (not applicable to IP recordals and IP renewals): based on a manual word count on the source language, these costs include the option of using the same translation in multiple jurisdictions

We take the pressure off you and your team, without compromising on quality.

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